Fashion As We See It , 2016.

Black and White: With the improvement in techniques in Black rhodium. Designers are extensively using a new Shade of Jet Black. It is evident in the styles coming out of the Paris Fashion Week shows for spring. This evergreen color combination has always been an integral component of Art Deco–inspired jewelry, enamel, and silver or white gold with Black Lacquer.

ear cuff

Studs and Earring Cuffs: The latest trend in earring and studs are cuffs. Women have become open to the idea of experimenting with the traditional design of earrings and studs. They have taken over as quite a phenomenon in earrings. Apart from adding a new dimension to earrings, they are quite appealing visually.


Chokers and Statement Necklaces: These have been carried forward from 2015. They were showcased by celebrities on the red carpet at the recent Oscars and are also abundant in Spring 2016 styles.


Gold Accent Jewellery: With the recent stabilization in the gold prices. More and more jewelers are swaying way from silver and back to the warmer metal. Some, Jewellery pieces only look good in Gold. If the price of Gold become more reasonable, who wouldn’t prefer to make a layered statement in a richer metal?


Asymmetry: Mismatched earrings, to trails of tiny stones, to modern cluster styles, asymmetry in jewelry design is picking up fast. The youth identify with the strong message of individuality that is sent across by Asymmetrical look. It also adds a new dimension with the use of contemporary material like leather, ceramic and wood in jewelry pieces.
Stacked Rings: Rings have always been best sellers among all other jewelry categories. They constitute as a great gifting option and abundant in designs. It is quite exciting to stack them up to build on statements.