The Changing Face of Jewellery

Image of a Bride

When one comes across the word jewelry the most common image that flashes in one’s mind is that of a Lady wearing a Necklace or a Ring. We have grown up seeing this stereotype image in newspaper and magazine advertisements. A young lady in a beautiful bridal attire adorned with Necklaces, Bangles, Rings and Mangtika.


Off-late people have started perceiving jewelry as a medium of personal expression. It was mostly seen as a form of investment and a medium of inheritance being passed on from one generation to the other. With time things have changed along with the fast moving fashion world, where trends change every season. People have started looking for cheaper alternatives to expensive fine jewelry. Jewelry in alternative metals like Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel are fast filling Bauble Boxes on dressers. Girls want to experiment with the latest in Fashion and Jewellery. Slowly but steadily the romantic and gifting aspect of jewelry is losing its aura.

Couple Engagement Mother Daughter Girl With Smartphone

Earlier gifting jewelry to your loved one on a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday ( remember grandmother giving you a Gold Earring or Gold Nosepin on a birthday) was considered emotional as well as valuable. Now people prefer gifting Smartphones, Gadgets, Holidays to Exotic locations, etc.. as a more considerate option for a gift. Hence, the need of the hour is cheap easily replaceable jewelry that is in sync with the latest in fashion. We identify with the changing trend and hence bring to you fashion jewelry in base metal that is not only light on the pocket but latest in trend. From Rings, Earrings to Pendents we at Sparkling Drop try to get you the best in design and quality.

In keeping with the requirement of the youth and young working professionals, we have introduced jewelry in contemporary metals like Stainless Steel, Titanium and Brass to give them viable options in body adornment. The prices of these products encourage the individual to add more than a few pieces to their wardrobe. One can easily have a piece to match every attire. We have an inventory to appease all taste palettes, Traditional, Contemporary, Bold, Statement as well as everyday wear.

In our effort to bring affordable fashion jewelry to the masses we have also introduced jewelry for men. Titanium and Tungsten Bracelets as well as Stainless Steel Pendents to highlight your attitude. We hope our sincere effort will fathom encouraging response so that we at Sparkling Drop can effectively build a more interesting and affordable invogue collection for our customers.

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